Hoc Scripsi explained, well mostly…

by jhon baker

The number one unanswered question of this nearly virgin year and the whore year of 2010: What is “Hoc Scripsi”, what does it mean?
easy – it’s Latin and simply means – “I wrote this”. I’ve thought about my next collection being titled this way. I had thought about using “Hoc poema condidi” which means – I wrote this poem, however, it seemed too much even for me; if not too specific.
My reasons for using it are unverifiable – so I’ll keep those to myself.

Before anyone begins to think that I speak Latin I have to admit that as where I am familiar with Latin to a degree that would make my English teachers very proud, I was not able to come up with the translations on my own. For this I had to rely on a friend of mine, Noah Blan, whom I know through my wife and is a wonderfully studied man. I don’t think he needed to refer to anything other than his brain for the translations, a talent I can only wish I possessed.

Today, I am tired. Not sleeping well as is part of my malady. As I am trying to postpone a nap until the opportune time to best leverage my tiredness, this means it must be put off until late tonight or I may not sleep, even if I close my eyes.
but I’m jumpy.

6 Comments to “Hoc Scripsi explained, well mostly…”

  1. i love latin — i suppose i wouldn't if i'd been forced to learn it in school — but i think of it as the ultimate decoder language…if that makes any sense whatsoever…lol. what i did learn of it was pertaining to medical terminology and in that regard, once you know some key elements, you can unlock mostly everything….or at least make a good guess.

    wishing you restful slumber…

  2. I looked up “Hoc Scripsi” after seeing your blog for the very fitst time. Sorry about the trouble sleeping….that sucks!

  3. I, like Pat, looked it up as well, but have always been curious as to the whole why of it.

    I get annoyed with all the rabbit jokes in regard to my own name, so I tread lightly where names and sigs are concerned, hoping one day to learn the truth.

  4. Thank you for that clarification Mr Jhon, because I have always wanted to know. Just did not know what language..

    Sleep well tonight and wake raring to go tomorrow..

    I like this for me: Verba mea

  5. I did not look it up, and instead came to see if you defined it for us. Thank you for doing so. When I see/hear Latin it makes me wish I'd been raised a little Catholic girl in a convent. Of course, I would not have stayed past puberty but I'd have a grasp of the language!

    Volo vos sopor!

  6. I, too, love latin.

    Semper Fidelis,

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