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January 30, 2013

Men in the Company of Women

by jhon baker

Available now at this link – Men in the Company of Women

cover MITCOW

I am very proud to be a part of this volume and I urge you to obtain a copy for yourselves as soon as possible, if not today.

March 28, 2012

the fine blade

by jhon baker

I imagine that all (3 or 4) that frequent this blog have already been to scribd to read ark and other poems – feel free to share that link on your own page and on FB – help make my poems the stuff of legend!

but did you also know that you can own a professionally printed version of ark and other poems from pepper press? by clicking on that link and buying the 6 dollar copy of ark you also will get a free copy of my previous chap put out by free penny press titled “gypsy bars, back alleys and one way streets” –

that is pandering.

this is a poem.


1. the bending of steel



a love of hard liquor.

rifles, shotguns, pistols


men were bound by

thinner threads then these.


2. hammering to form



a love of hard liquor.

rifles, shotguns, pistols


man’s bind was broken by

thinner threads than these.


3. the fine blade




the eyes and body move

of a naked dancing muse.

man’s mind was broken by

thinner threads than these


– hoc Scripsi

March 24, 2012

short poem

by jhon baker


birdsong crashing into my skull



arms burned from reading in noonday.


that star buries deep into the west,

casting shadow over greening grass.

– Hoc Scripsi

also: don’t forget to go to here and download your own FREE copy of ark and other poems

It will print as a letter size but can be had as a normal chapbook if you would like. Simply contact me with your desire (at and I can lead you to the promised low price ($6USD) chap which comes with a copy of gypsy bars chap – both with art by Micael Chadwick and poetry by yours truly.

January 4, 2012

I slept twelve hours

by jhon baker

and I’m still tired. Bukowski suggested that one ought to take a three day nap every now and again to recharge the batteries, being a father and husband does not allow such naps but would I ever indulge if there could be a way.

Two links – you might recognize them from yesterday but then again, you might not..

Take it to the streets

Conjectural Figments

These are both truly good issues put out by two very good publishers containing poetry by good poets and of course – myself – the first has one and arguably two poems depending on how you read them – I wrote it as one and a half so there it is. The second features me as a poet and contains three poems- both contain a lot of good writing besides mine and should be read a few times through for affect/effect.

– Just for updates sake – Yesterday my truck was broken and my diagnosis was spot on. Now it is fixed and waiting for the next coil to go.

Yesterday I wrote nothing after the blog post and today I think I am going to scribd something – my new years sort of poem.

Writing will become the object of today after I take a shower when I get home from the hospital where my MIL is receiving today’s infusion and tomorrow morning will be more of the same while the afternoon finds me in a tattoo parlor getting the design finalized for the next portion of the left arm half sleeve.

November 7, 2011


by jhon baker

Scribd, as introduced to me by my friend and publisher, Lynne Hayes, is quite the cool tool and has garnered me a few new readers. I’m loving it.

Anyway, here are a few links to there if you were at all interested.

for Micael…

the artist dreams of nightsong…


gypsy bars…

hands on the hips….

All but one of those are available for free download and I strongly encourage you to download them, print them out and possibly hand a few out to a few people – or any of them can be obtained through me for the cost of shipping and they will then be signed except for hands on the hips – for that go to the page in print/for sale. FYI – the artist dreams of nightsong is best printed on a legal size page.

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