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December 1, 2013

World AIDS Day

by jhon baker

Today is World AIDS Day. We can celebrate the advances and sustained lives, people living with HIV instead of dying of AIDS, and mourn the losses – of which there are plenty.

September 17, 2011

thinking of Micael

by jhon baker

– For MC


make no monument to this body,

let the rivers and roads winding on maps

and fields flowing into one another

from the birds view of a plane

serve as testament.


May there be no wall of remembrance

where people touch hands for famous photographs.

what a landscape of crows couldn’t bring into thought

make no admonition,

no stone effigy.


have no moment of whispering

but shout, shout, shout out

your poetry, fill empty halls

and capital domes. dance, alone

or together, naked in halls and alleyways.

ride your full moon lunacy


down one way streets and secret passageways.

eclipse your broken lifeline,

draw borders onto subway station walls –

trip to new york, Louisiana, Chicago and LA

rip your clothes off in stage lit drag shows,


ride the rays of the sun,


– Hoc Scripsi

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August 27, 2011

oh, Micael

by jhon baker

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keep breathing

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August 25, 2011

this is all I have to say today

by jhon baker

June 5, 2011

Day of days

by jhon baker

Garcia Lorca, born today, today I love you, like everyday but today I weep for this love and its end on a moonless night.
a short vignette of sorts…

Garcia Lorca, my Federico – a poet born to violent end
we sing you, decorate your memory with flowers
we sing you and your thousand gypsy songs
we sing you, we sing you a myriad of songs and stars
caught in the heavens looking down

on a completely different subject depending on ones point of view

AIDS is first reported in 1981 and today is that anniversary (30th) – today I love but not love AIDS – today I weep, profoundly – I think of artists, musicians, dancers, lovers and free men and woman all dying or dead of a disease whose name was never spoken by the elected leader of the time – such ignorance and more research put into the common cold than in research for what was killing and would kill – a fantastically dreaded disease which eats not only at the body but at the mind, soul and spirit.
I was born before AIDS but in large it has defined parts of my life, touched others and, if I can say it, graced the rest.

and Micael, Micael… O, now forever on this day shall I think of you, dance to your being – 

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