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January 13, 2011

I’ve been busy

by jhon baker

Writing mainly and playing around with this really cool sporterized 03-A3, it’s in nearly perfect condition and I have the opportunity to buy it for a little more than half its worth. I am still unsure though as I have a perfectly serviceable 30.06 and I don’t really need it. But what is need anyway?
I’ve been writing an expanded version of my nigger post and think I’ve finally finished it. I am almost perfectly happy with it and it is looming on the screen, waiting for the moment in which it gouges out my eyeballs and renders my iPod useless as it becomes mired in my blood. Or maybe that is going too far.

I don’t think I’ve checked anyone’s blog in two days and probably will not get to it tonight. I can only hope that the world hasn’t changed so much that going back to read the entries would be impossible.
You never know.

this is largely uninspired and as where I really want to make it interesting and publish more on this blog than I have been in the past months – fuck it. I am going to bed.

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