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August 29, 2011

I am no longer a spiritual guide

by jhon baker

While I’m not lost, I am sojourning on my own. Sort of. I have my companions who each are on their own spiritual path but we tread together. K, Jackson, Micael, our dead and several others, still living; this is what I believe.

Buddha said to work it out for ourselves and that is what I am doing.

How long is this life? I do not fear death. How long is this life? I do not fear death. How long is this life? I do not fear death.

I have already died, they have already murdered me. I have tread a path to the other side so I know what is next and live accordingly.

Death has set at his table a place for this body eight times hence and will be set again; I shall remember the names of our dead.


August 29, 2011

I used to be a spiritual guide…

by jhon baker

a comment of mine from a blog entry that dealt with whether or not it is proper for a person who makes a living teaching health and mental balance through yoga or transcendental thinking….

I think it is all contextual. Once we parse out why we do things, anything, we can see the behavior in it’s correct light and take the appropriate action. A drink or two after a particularly stressful day is not poisoning your body or mind but utilizing a tool available at your disposal. Utilizing this same tool frequently or justifying it by creatively making everyday a difficult one probably isn’t in the nature of a spiritual or well-being guide, and is poisoning your mind. To believe both situations are apples to apples is to reveal ignorance and an askance aspect of motivation and balance. The middle way is not best achieved by alining ourselves with notions of rightness or wrongness, pointing out the faults or excusing the faults of others, but living and practicing in a way that allows ourselves to break free from these same notions which are given to us from external sources and not a product of our true mind.

I just sort of spit it out but thought it interesting enough – I may well be a Buddhist but I have never claimed to be any good at it.

June 17, 2011

a little on the self

by jhon baker

Last night, after making love, outside smoking and the coyotes were getting close, I had my 1911 but after midnight it is too loud – we went inside. Listened to them get ever closer as we fell to sleep.
Now I am looking for a good varmint rifle – something in a .223 as I refuse to be eaten by an animal.

I don’t think of myself as a contradiction but as myself – unique as all people should be and alike as all humans are.
a Poet, Buddhist, gun lover, biker, romantic, cripple – these are not contradictions and I practice non-violence in balance to the gun I carry on my side.

Yesterday I got read a smallish version of the riot act by a very good friend for referring to myself as a cripple. He said he winces a bit every time I say it and that I need to find a better descriptor. Maybe he is right – certainly he is honest, intelligent and an excellent friend. It is that I feel crippled, I feel like a Quasimodo hanging from the bell tower yelling “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” – but I know that I am not a cripple but have been crippled – therein lies a a major difference. In terms of strength and size I am capable of being a monster, frightening to some who don’t know me and gentle and kind to those who do. The leg has been shortened and crippled, it has been cut and lives on in pain but when need be I still pick up and hold my seven year old to calm his fears, his tears and his to remind him that no matter how he grows – he is loved deeply and completely. I am not a cripple and as was pointed out by my friend – I would bust the chops of anyone who said so to my face – I have been disabled, but not defeated.

May 7, 2011

by jhon baker

The bastards that make up most of my nighttime dreaming are ever present and on edge.

Imagine a well armed poet ambling down the street at night looking for his angry fix.

you now have a picture in mind of yours truly.

snapshots of life are moments gone by, how not to dwell when they adorn the walls of houses and bedroom nightstands?

All the cats in the house are trained by an alarm clock to know when it is time to eat – this is the morning. In the afternoon and evening – it is the coffee grinder. We have Pavlov’s cats because I don’t care for dogs.
Or rather, I haven’t been able to love a dog since I had minekilled while in my arms.

the only thing I can ever tell you with confidence is that you will not live for 100 years. Even if you go about proving this wrong you will soon die of old age.

also, for further proof of God’s sense of humor all one ever need do is look long into the mirror. not while on LSD or listening to enigma.

May 3, 2011

ah, I have a follower

by jhon baker

Pleased to meet you here, what is a beautiful young lady like yourself doing hanging out in a place like this?

– hold on while I go slightly insane.

early morning and have yet to get enough sleep – still recovering from loss and jet lag – four planes in three days. Sounds like a lot when you put it that way – we were only going one way but had to have a layover, well, you follower know this – you were there – suffering the blight that is air travel. I was searched, as always, and put a pleasant expression on my face as I was being felt up by old men while thinking¬† – it must be the beard. But that wouldn’t explain why I always get searched – even as a child going to Disney World before I was perceived as a terrorist in the eyes of a beard hating public and Will Ferrell. This is why I stopped carrying my Mala – too many questions and looks, since my imagination is good I can perceive always having one.

WHile we are on terrorism – I fear Osama’s replacements zealousness more than I feared Osama.

Peace be upon all Muslims as I am sure they are getting more hell right now.

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