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After being published in Men in the Company of Women, Jhon who lives and breathes in Elgin, IL with his wife and son started working on a follow up to Hands on the Hips which he never completed. Jhon is now working on a book tentatively titled Phone Poems, largely because of their brevity. While a classically trained musician and artist he spends most of his time secluded in a small room at the back of the house writing poetry that fists the gut on his 1983 IBM Selectric III, the Cadillac of typewriters. His first book, hands on the hips (isbn 1426939434), is available at and other fine online retailers. Also Available from is the chapbook “ark”, while “Gypsy Bars, back alleys and one way streets” is now out of print.

Mostly it can be said that I persist, and sometimes talk in third person

Jhon’s message to the vox popoli: “stay off the lawn! no flash photography please.”

Jhon can be contacted at


Jhon requests that there be no autographs after the show.

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