on being a father

by jhon baker

If you don’t want to throw your kid out the window once in a while – then you are doing something wrong.


7 Comments to “on being a father”

  1. Oh true.. I have 5.. count em 5 kids only 2 at home but there was one time I clearly recall telling them it was A-ok if they all ran away and no I would not come looking.. and meant it..

    guess you and I are good parents

  2. that is so true! We also have 5 of 'em! All totally different, so I've come pretty darn close! More than once…

  3. Is it wrong of me to say, “dayum … I agree.” My almost 3 year-old ran me through the ringer this weekend.

  4. He, he, he…once in a while? My son will be 15 in a couple of weeks and that thought occurs to me on a near-daily basis. Very true, Jhon.

  5. 🙂 I love when someone else feels this way. I get overwhelmed sometimes by the number of people who claim nothing but awe and profound gratitude for their children. It's okay to admit to frustration now and then!

    The Boy is 26 now. I rarely have to put him in time out anymore.


  6. Does it count to want to throw MOST children out of windows?

    There are so many reasons why I should never reproduce…

    Oh yea, I can't. Result!

    – B x

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