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October 6, 2019

talking with my wife at a 20 year interval

by jhon baker

July 28, 2015

So Here I Am

by jhon baker

I am a man of chronic conditions

and if you bless me I’ll say thanks

but that’s all


no one renders the image well

and while the coffee is hot

the outside is almost hotter


and I eat a pinkish apple

drink bottled water

and stare at your walls


sugarless scenarios

contemplating my next tattoo

I am a spiritual guide


wearing a gun and a leatherman

ready for anything

I’m ready for you


– Hoc Scripsi

December 3, 2014

smoking and drinking coffee

by jhon baker

Smoking and drinking coffee

smoking and drinking coffee


punctuated by small naps

accidentally taken on the couch.

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September 24, 2014

There is generally nothing interesting on Facebook

by jhon baker

I’ve spent the last several minutes or half hour scrolling on FB to no avail. The most interesting thing is my cup of coffee and this cigarette that I should not be smoking. I am over medicated but still crazy and dedicated. Several of my guitars need the attention of a luthier and I am out of ideas.

(What I initially wrote here is too personal for a personal public blog.)

I have no new poems to offer. Haven’t written one in about six months but I have not been idle. Or I have been idle, whiling my time away on trumpet and guitar. There is only one discipline I can concentrate on at a time. Fine Art, Music or poetry – I don’t know why I cannot intermingle them but, alas, I cannot. I feel as though I can no longer call myself “poet” as I no longer call myself a painter – these things require the action of the brush or pen (or IBM selectric III as it tends to be) and I am Hors de Combat.

I think that’s right.

In a general state of needing new shoes.

and another cigarette. I’ve quit it three times this year and am always drug back down by weakness of one moment and then the roller coaster of addiction. I can’t stand the way it smells or tastes and this time I find myself brushing my teeth several times a day just to get rid of the mouth feel. The next time may be it. I like myself better when I don’t smoke and I like that I don’t get headaches as often either.

A shout out for Leonard Cohen’s new album “Popular Problems” – he kills it.

I’ve started on the e cigarettes – I like them but for the weight that I am not used to holding in between my fingers. I don’t count this as quitting or staying quit. but yesterday I did the dishes and gathered the garbage making my son clean out the cat boxes and take the can to the curb with the help of my wife of many fine years. Last night I contemplated (while not being able to sleep, again) going down to my writing room and banging out a letter or a poem if one would present itself but I reclined on the couch with a cat that hates me and thought my way through the map of a fretboard. And right now I am waiting for a water company to come and tell me whats wrong with my renters house water system. I’ve a feeling that this is going to cost a lot.

My son tells me the best way to rid myself of writers block (which I don’t think I have) is to go to the coffee shop and people listen and watch. This is not something I would opt to do. Not that I am unwilling to look like a wanna be writer with his laptop open typing away – that part doesn’t bother me. It’s the sitting there, spending money on coffee when it is already paid for and cheaper at home. It is the people part really. I don’t like them much. Or it isn’t that I don’t like people but just like it better when they’re not around.

He says it is the noise that does it. To not sit in a quietude. But I don’t – I write to Jazz and the classical station. I go into my mental spaces and try out combinations of words until it hits. then I go.

that is my process.

And, normally, I don’t like capitals when I can avoid them.

six hundred and eleven words .

right then anyway.

May 25, 2014

Another Beautiful Day

by jhon baker

And I sit on the back porch drinking coffee thinking that on my death bed I will not regret leaving dishes in the sink for so long. Drinking coffee on a beautiful day and wasting the time I could be doing something else but not feeling that it is a waste at all. I’ll practice trumpet in a little bit when my son is done practicing his stuff but for now I’ll sit here.

Smoking as well and thinking about having to replace the cherry trees in the front yard with something. Probably Redbud. It’s a beautiful tree but I don’t have the energy on beautiful days to up root the cherries and plant something else.

I am also thinking about something my wife wrote earlier as a response to a video making the rounds of a cruel mother beating her young child who was arrested and brought to justice while the child has been living with a foster family and is reportedly doing quite well. My response to this was a deep hurt as I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of the video and to wonder what the hell the videographer was doing just filming and doing nothing – well, the person filming was doing something in documenting the abuse to report the authorities to help the child. Anyway, what K said was this:

Where as the video-taker might not have needed to let the abuse go on for four minutes – at least she had the courage to do something when she saw the abuse happening. Something that so many people in this country do not have. America has the worst record of child abuse, neglect and death because of abuse and neglect of all the industrialized countries. At least one child dies EVERY 5 HOURS in this country because of abuse or neglect – most of those children under the age of 4. The actual statistics are probably worse than this – because many of these deaths are wrongly classified. A child is being abused in this country every 10 seconds. It is truly America’s Hidden Epidemic. We need more people like the one who took this video to take action.

I’m thinking a lot about this and wondering what can I do about it. There must be something more that I can do. That we can do to stem the tide of child abuse worldwide but specifically in my own backyard. There is no reason to hurt a child and I vow to say something about it from now on. – I say this like I have witnessed abuse and done nothing before which is not really the case though I one saw a teacher grab a students arm and shove him along as he wasn’t moving swiftly enough for her (a first grader) – I said nothing and in saying nothing I did harm to that child who now thinks that being forcibly grabbed and pushed is an acceptable thing for a teacher to do. It isn’t. I don’t think we should coddle children either but the line is easily crossed it seems. I’ve never had to hit my child or even scream at him. I’ve never forcibly grabbed him when he wasn’t moving fast enough for my liking. These things are unnecessary and teach the wrong things. Nobody should be hitting a child – or an adult for that matter – but we seem to teach children that violence is an acceptable response to certain stimuli – while violence can be acceptable to defend your self or another it is almost always unnecessary and as I teach my son – “nobody should be hitting you. Ever.”

on that subject, I’ve found a club I would actually join – Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). There is intervention and charity rides – these people are a party to the solution and if there were a local chapter I would be among them.

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