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June 24, 2012

in the gloaming

by jhon baker

the air is not tense with rain

swelled clouds pass over

leaving only blue sky


spirited glow of sun

leveling with dying grass

casting long shadows


fireflies dance to make love


in yearning


three haiku (sort of) – Hoc Scripsi

April 19, 2012


by jhon baker

to post or not to post – that is the question. Or rather the question is energy and ideas – an abundance of those and I’d be posting like I use to.

My nephew is going through his own ennui with posting and it reminded me that I haven’t had an original post in some time. So I thought I would post nothing today just so the three of you know that I am breathing.

I’ve had a few conversations on the subject of Haiku poetry and its form lately. Those of us in the know and out of school tend toward avoiding the 5-7-5 American grade school requirement but adhere to the guide of what each line ought to represent.

first line – kigo – the seasonal reference – very important

second line – the moment as it is

third line – the satori or ah ha moment.


This is freeing and simultaneously restricting as one should always avoid the obvious…

mid spring

writing a haiku

and it is bad


– but rather –


cherry blossoms

decayed and floating

whose illusion?


it isn’t much better but you get the idea.

On poetry and Haiku – it isn’t well hidden that I regard the vast majority of poetry to be total crap that should have never graced the page it was written on but maybe less well known is that I hate 99% of Haiku. Yes, I am an opinionated bastard. I should add that I believe that everyone who wants to write poetry ought to but not share it with the world until they’ve been doing it long enough to know that most of it is crap – I call this taste. Haiku is different, a little. You should wait to share it with others until you have written 10,000 of them. I’ve written well over that but have only ever shared about 20 – and those I question.

Art is for the creator when done and kept private – art is done for the creator only in the act of creation, when we wear the laurel wreath. After it is no longer the creators and has been co-opted by the masses. If you know what you have done is good then you know it wasn’t done by you anyway. The mistakes are all ours, everything else belongs to someone else.

I am not religious but an atheist. So this may confuse the three of you reading this. I’m just not egotistical enough to think the good lines are mine alone.


August 14, 2010

post #212

by jhon baker

and I hate elevator music.

    Fragrant cyclamen
line the walk, pointing
        toward the sun.

 – Hoc Scripsi

I drink from a coffee cup that I bought while vacationing in the Outer Banks, North Carolina – fittingly, imprinted on the mug is – “North Carolina”.
life changes so quickly and every morning I think that if I don’t get out of bed it will cease to change at all. Of course I am incorrect, of course I eventually get up, get dressed and enter a day already begun, of course I’ve missed breakfast.
I love breakfast as I usually eat it with my son who lately has been unable to rouse me from my morning delusion. If only I could get to the mind correcting coffee before I flail about in fantasy land where things only make sense the more schizophrenic it is.

‘Frank and Earnest’ and “The Other Coast” comic strips have spider punchlines today.

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August 1, 2010

nights and weekends

by jhon baker

I just can’t get this post finished.

so fuck it.

Killed a bug: my
life should be
so important.


   Tulips blooming
already have no place
               to go


  It’s a small talent;
     sweeping pine cones
   off the driveway.


open windows
cat meows ever loudly
caught a mouse

 – Hoc Scripsi

May 3, 2010

mondaymorningnotenoughcoffee yetandthecomputerisbroken

by jhon baker

Just a note this morning as I must run out to bring the iMac to the doctor and I have to leave in about fifteen minutes.
Tainted Love Poems has kindly appointed me an Officer Poet in their FB organization. now I have Officer Poet and the Buddha with Bullets as monikers. I like them both as my appointed titles in the wider world of the internet.
I wish I had more to say this morning and that there isn’t more is okay.
My tiredness (each blink lasts several seconds) withstanding this mornings strong elixer regardless of the fact that I have to leave in about fifteen minutes.

 These are not-haiku

stepping over fallen leaves
and dismantled watches
making sure not to stumble

night and day
     arrive then depart
each casually

softened voices,
      wind travels easily  
through old trees

 – Hoc Scripsi

Later may grant me more to say. Later may have the main computer repaired without erasing the volume structure. Later may contain the multitudes of universe. Later is time ad infinitum. I always know that later will have poetry in it if I can only find a way in.

Later        Later        Later       Later       Later       Later

UPDATE on the main computer and the volume structure. Total failure and fatal errors… a new hard drive is in order. Luckily I have everything backed up on an external hard drive, luckily this went correct or mostly correct today.

I didn’t know that later I was going to have to shoot a dying animal. I didn’t know that later would contain these multitudes.
Later still my water will be shut off for 12 hours, later I will be applying for a job after not working for almost 4 years. It’s part time and will help pay for my obsessions – no obsessions and no job, how else am I suppose to stay engaged?

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