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December 31, 2013

New Years Eve

by jhon baker

I do not make resolutions specifically for this date – I make them when I need to have made them. I made my last new years resolution many years ago stating that I would never again make another new years resolution and so far I haven’t. In the past several months I’ve made a few decisions that I am carrying through with into the new year but this is not the same thing. I’ve taken up playing the trumpet and am sticking with it with lessons and everything and I’ve quit smoking to be a better trumpet player (more lung capacity; better breath).

I like to beat dead horses.

There are many things I don’t need – a specified day to start something new is one of those things I don’t need.

But onto another subject.

I haven’t written in months and last night wrote a few lines of poetry – for my wife, always for my wife…


I love you

and that may be all

shared coffee over old television shows

and newer series watched in minute marathons


It needs more and I will write more for it but for now it is there waiting and I take the medications carefully every night and every morning. I build catapults with my son and watch him build with Legos.

and I sing the song of my people.

December 15, 2013

listening to Bach

by jhon baker

Written earlier in the year – much earlier but I like it. – Jhon


listening to Bach

listening to Bach

two part inventions

number 1 in C Major,

BWV 772

not drinking beer

not going to the OTB

or wrestling with dogs.

Robinson Jeffers died today, 1962

and wrote a lifetime of poetry

after his genius had faded.


it is January, 20 2013

51 years past his death,

his work still overlooking Big Sur.

sharp pains in my chest and I heave;

I am only 36

and my genius has yet to flower

and bear fruit.

timing is everything.


– Hoc Scripsi

December 3, 2013

some poems

by jhon baker

some poems take years to write

some only minutes

every other poem is in-between

and none so far has taken more.


like Bukowski, Williams, O’Hara

I am a writer of poems

short poems

long poems

most a few in-between

like all creatives I am

disgracefully unreliable in action

chasing down the inspirations

with a stick in one hand

a pen in the other

months of missing my prey

and weeks of eating well

and growing fat


but I write on this IBM Selectric III

and drink coffee like it was religion

no longer getting drunk or drugging

my days away

and slipping into the nightgown of poetry.

now they all come fully dressed

with ten fingers typing

furiously in fits and starts

mostly done during the day.


I am nostalgia interrupted

a willful resemblance of another time

before my iMac and laptop dominated

my final drafts and submissions

email rejections or acceptances


I haven’t stamped an SASE in years

or walked to the mailbox hopeful or dreadful

waiting to throw away another poem

such as this.


– Hoc Scripsi

December 1, 2013

World AIDS Day

by jhon baker

Today is World AIDS Day. We can celebrate the advances and sustained lives, people living with HIV instead of dying of AIDS, and mourn the losses – of which there are plenty.

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