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January 1, 2011

the 1st, after bed and now, against my will, awake

by jhon baker

holy shit – it’s Saturday. I truly believed it was Monday and I was prepared to go to the doctors. got my coat, hat and new gloves – poured a to-go cup of joe and hugged my son goodbye – then my wife asked where I was going.
okay, she laughs beautifully, even when it is at my expense. I love her laugh so I can’t be mad, only confused. Also a little peeved as the appointment was the only reason I got out of bed at all.

The great advantage of using cell phones is that I can turn it off when I want to not be bothered. The unfortunate side of that is I forget I shut it off or I just allow it to wane its battery until death and forget all about the fact that I have the bugger. It never occurs to me that no one calls, it never occurs to me that I should call other people.

I’ll never forget the furling flags
above fire escapes
outside the walk-ups
     of downtown Chicago

January 1, 2011

Here is an image.

by jhon baker
Happy New Year all – please party wildly and in some unorthodox way.
Kiss a stranger.
make love wildly.
drink to the kind of excess that makes you not drink for another year.
Stay off the roads and avoid police roadblocks.
play the piano until your fingers bleed.
I once got drunk on new years in Trafalgar Square,
if your there – get naked – take pictures and send them.
plan to sleep in tomorrow, show up late for work
if you’re alone – 
masturbate twice and drink happily.
ladies, pour your own drinks.
don’t allow video to trump your good time.
kill the documenter if it makes it to you tube.
be prepared for strong coffee at seven am
do not go skinny dipping, it is still cold,
unless it is warm where you are, then
by all means.
make no resolutions,
just change what needs to be changed.
Don’t do what  I would do…
do it twice.
for auld lang syne – J.
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