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March 14, 2012


by jhon baker

and I look and think – I have not been so lazy but distracted by depression and various ideations which has led to some poetry and other rambling thoughts. This year has been a low of the past several where I have had little published and little written – even a rejection of what may be my best poem – alas! am I not a poet? am I only pretending? Is this ultramarine coloring my beard all in vain? no, I forget how subjective this field is and the whims and moods of a reader are as important as the whims and moods of the writer – or nearly so.
I hold no grudge.

I write anyway.

I am compelled by the narrator. the genius in the corner. the voice of the winds. or it could be the mania.


I prefer an easterly sun


I prefer an easterly sun before I go to bed.

I prefer a smashed finger before a project is finished.

I prefer coffee hot.

I prefer sex sweaty.

I prefer a major fourth under a sharp sixth.

I prefer to lie on my back in the gutter, looking out to the stars.




Ursa minor


these are things of dreams and sailor visions


– Hoc Scripsi


July 1, 2011

this makes 4 in a year.

by jhon baker

All the raccoons seem to die in my backyard. There are now two perished which I will have to bury later today. K came in the bedroom weeping over the deaths. She is a mother and feels for the mother and children of all animals. Her compassion, sometimes hidden, has always made her beautiful.

nature has a way of knocking the wind out of you.

Ukulele’s are a blast to play.

County stickers are due to be on vehicles today – I suppose I ought to go get one or two.

I’ve no interest in the goings on of wall street thought, again, I ought.

Now I need some wood, paint and a few other things that will go unmentioned as they are interesting only to myself and voyeurs.

June 30, 2011

night of the long knives

by jhon baker

1934 – a total usurpation of power in Germany.
and I’ve yet to visit the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Il.

This will be amended quite soon as I have always meant to go but not wanted to go.

In the distance there is a truck backing down a driveway and somewhere near here there are baby raccoons looking forward to a life of hiding and eating garbage.

December 15, 2010

Vivaldi gives me a hard on

by jhon baker

but as I sit here and feel a mysterious depression untie me, instantly disbanding my intentions.
searching for the door now as it may be reopened that medications have washed out of me, forgetting my need and granting these recent lines of creation.
I’ve resurrected a bridge but decided to put away the friendship regardless. In some relationships there is no room for differences and the past isn’t always what some gratify it to be.

I am not alone and I wish to not leave this room, I wish to seclude and isolate, intolerate the world as it has done nothing specific or even so much as made note of any particular individual existence –
the world is not out to get me – nor anyone else for that matter. (Unless it is and, wow, that guy is fucked.)
a general distaste for the gathered throng is beginning to percolate again, bending my aspect toward something new or different, broken, old or discarded.
something borrowed, something blue
I am climbing at the walls and tilting at the ills that govern my outlook.

my brother, secret hero, our ancient people vilified one another
our ancient people spit blood on ancient corpses.

I already regret saying “thank you”.


the notebooks,
IBM Selectric IIIs,
et cetera
these are my shields,
protecting me from the world
from you –

My words are the weapons
I utilize

bludgeoning the audience
until they bleed from ears,
mouth, fingertips,
and eyes.

 – Hoc Scripsi

nothing I like more than killing them brutally with my words.

 – J.

October 18, 2010

I could tell you many things from Aa to Gh but would then require a break

by jhon baker


there are only
two ways
to see things

with the
the brain

what could
be more


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