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March 31, 2014

have I ever posted this before?

by jhon baker

part 3



the good girls gave in

to enfant terribles of late night

sophistication, movie drive-ins;

Caligulas of teenaged heterosexual addiction

homosexual a priori instinct.


ultramarine blues playing on in back room wasteland

tones, color, emotions of form.

she sips brandy and smokes cigars

a Cognac dipped haze, muted consideration

sand paper verses of strange fruit in sequined dresses.


we are the drunkards of brass rail barfly joints;

we celebrate half broken neon signs.

we are the soulful moth occupying

the half-light of fading streetlamps.

we are the desperate, misconceived.

we’ve shirts off in a moment of frenzy

and misaligned allusions to greatness

we are the bop shambala meditations

of time-space inequity.


and I cannot free you this,

heal you this.


but I am with you,

in a body beautiful,

shattered, crying out

on back porches, smoking, singing,

dancing you with crazed two-step and Spanish tango.

protean tongues lapping at the innocence of milk,

slingshot flames and firecracker wisdom

twisting our bodies around images

and starry night scenes

on freshly made beds too small for comfort.


sheathing my pen in high fidelity smiles,

we weep like soft-skulled school children

– aesthetes of playground bike rack bloody noses.

November 26, 2013


by jhon baker

I’m down


to see

if I can

write something


surrounded by

red walls


Micael Chadwick paintings

with various books

from philosophy

to poetry to



listening to

the classical station

of which

I am a member

for the


yearly fee

of 90 dollars

and drinking

my preferred

black coffee

in a porcelain mug


and I keep thinking

of Tantalus

head above water


out of reach of

fruits or leaves


hell is sleeping

all day with

nothing to write

the world


out of reach


the monkey sits

on a pile

of stones

and stares

at the open book

in his


September 1, 2011

The paint is dry…

by jhon baker

All figures were either originally drawn by my son or directed by him. He chose the colors, figures, and painted the banjo and trampoline – all  the hand prints are his as well. This was a fun project and one that he will get to enjoy as long as he needs a play room.

One photo of him for good measure.

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June 25, 2011

woke up early

by jhon baker

then promptly took a nap.

last night the sound of glass breaking alerted me into action – pistol in hand I searched the house then the grounds around my home and my mother-in-laws – It was a sound that I’ve been dreading but there was, thankfully nothing or no one about.
After I awoke to every little noise and shadow movement perceived through half closed eyes.

most of the time these sounds and such as faces on the outside of the widow are of my minds making but K had heard it as well. I can only imagine what was going through the neighbors heads at one thirty if they saw me walking around with pistol pointed out – flashlight and laser on. I drew down on a raccoon who appeared scared shitless to have been met with the business end and a laser pointing at its head. The trigger was not pulled – otherwise this would be a story about how I am the killer of raccoons.

 and now for something of a tangent

One of my favorite artists is completing yet another painting that I want – this makes more than I can count. I only own one of his but I want more to adorn the walls of my writing room and home. His art challenges me to write and paint and love  – check him out here – HERE! – Warning: he doesn’t sell his art which is a serious loss to folks like me.

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