by jhon baker

I dreamt I was playing an old guitar, missing the G, for some old friends. They asked me to sing “wish you were here” to which I obliged. One friend, Kevin, came in perfectly with the solo. Tho each guitar was out of tune, the combined sound was emotionally stirring. In the dream I wept as I sang.
In dream I was older while my friends were younger, before their own malady, as I don’t see them as cripples but as men.


5 Comments to “dream”

  1. This brought tears to both Amy and I. Looking forward to our next get together…

  2. Jhon, this is the most poignant dream recollection I've read in a blog. Beautiful and it touched me.

    I am honored that you became a follower at my blog. Thank you.

  3. I dreamed of him and woke up a mess..
    You dreamed of them and woke up blessed..
    You are a fortunate man indeed..

    Beautiful post Jhon..just beautiful.

  4. What wonderful words. I can almost see glimpses of your dream here.

  5. I love dreams. Mine tend to lean towards violence and my own frustration. Whenever I try to write down exactly what happened, it comes out all disjointed.

    I like your dream and the way you described it.

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