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February 22, 2011

West Coast Image

by jhon baker

A good, longtime, friend of mine sent this photo to me – taken from his cellphone. I am in love with it. I haven’t seen my friend in nearly a decade, he smartly left Illinois and has made a life for himself by greater beaches – I’d known him since we were both small, both naive, both hungering for a greater tomorrow and freedom. I think of him often, without heartbreak, as ours is an unspoken commitment of kinship.
This image is from the younger brother I never had. and it’s poem is building within me as we speak…

January 23, 2011

Sunday and just a few things

by jhon baker

To begin, I thought  I would post a few links back to older posts that I liked or that I want you to like and read if you haven’t.

A recent post – one that I truly love and if you haven’t read it, please do. A note from K
why don’t they shoot more poets?
When life gives you lemons, shot up and eat your lemons
being shot is not an everyday thing, but it doesn’t surprise me.
stunned and lovely

that is all – I am sure that this is too much, but it is hard for us crazy people to control ourselves and I don’t come here for control.

To end, at Rabbit’s Creative Den there is a question regarding where we write and I thought it best to refer to an old post covering this topic but add a few more photographs to that – of the remainder of the room.

an old view from before I moved the typewriter – but it gets most of the room.
A current view of where I sit and type – sans chair in this photo.
view from the door – also sans chair.
here’s one with my chair – it isn’t too comfortable as I don’t want to get lazy while being engaged.
Any questions? The photos contain every thing from a Dictionary, A WCW collection, an LCP .380, Gibson les paul custom, dean 12 string, Other reference materials, couch, painting of mine, Various typewriters (total of 3 – one is under a cover on the bottom shelf of the book case.
I will be changing my desk soon, so I can move a typewriter down to the coffee bar/library room and have more storage for reference materials. The room is always in some state of flux and more so when I am spending the appropriate amount of time in it. 
Other wise – this is where I usually write my blog – other times I bring the laptop to the garage or the writing room. Rarely anywhere else – except for notes of course.
The last place I do any writing should look familiar to most of you…
January 16, 2011

while in a diner some months ago

by jhon baker

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late or early


some people are indifferent

to the early morning hours



but, we’re singing.


serenading the stars,

wooing the moon;

without sleep or

the song

            of song birds.

only the chatter of


               animals and


shuffling along the


regardless of it being

early or late.

 – Hoc Scripsi 
recently there was a poem of mine in Madswirl and if you haven’t been there to check it out – Go Now! Second from the bottom –       
January 15, 2011

by jhon baker

coloring the world

one crayola box at a time

February 26, 2010

one of these days

by jhon baker

more on this in a few minutes….

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