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April 7, 2011

Here is my answers to my own inane quiz.

by jhon baker

1. Do you write in the margins of books?  – Yes
     a. if so, what do you write, – notes, poems, observations, arguments, agreements.
     b. if not, why not? – I just said I did.

2. How particular are you about your clothing?
Very, I wear black dockers, black socks with a gray toe – (one style, one maker, one color set, can’t recall how many pairs I’ve bought) black boots or new balance gym shoes, black shirts, only one style/manufacturer underwear. few variations if ever,

3. Do you listen to music when you write/draw/paint/do what it is you like to do?
Classical or Jazz and sometimes blues – all instrumental – no vocal. Paint or write.

4. Do you intentionally or mistakenly mix metaphors?

both, and why not? Normally intentionally though.

5. Do you finish more than seventy-two percent of what you read?
      a. please approximate how much.
I think I complete about 90 percent of what I start – it takes a while for me to finish poetry books as I read them a bit at a time. There are only two books I can recall I’ve never been able to finish – My Antonia (Willa Cather) and a book on the history of Art in regard to the evolution of man. Boring stuff – but I am still chipping away on the latter.

6. What are your personal feelings about cliche?
     a. realize that it is cliche to hate them before you answer.

Do it well and you’ve got something, do it a little bit not well and you’ve lost me as a reader. I avoid them in writing but tend to use them as themes if I can do it effectively as a vehicle to move something more important underlying.

7. Do you use a thesaurus?
 Oh, yes. Many. I use the Merriam-Webster online and then the M-W Writers Thesaurus, a few more specific ones – I tend to read them cover to cover as well.

8. What is your preference:
    look carefully…

9. what are your vices?
  Writing, smoking, love

10. If you came across a bag of money, no-one around for miles, how would you justify taking it and not reporting it to anyone?
I wouldn’t. I couldn’t – even if I attempted I would turn it into the authorities and hope that no-one claimed it. I have a very loud conscious about taking things that do not belong to me.

11. if the coffee barista never charges you for your really fucking expensive drink, how long do you wait before insisting on paying or do you just keep the latte train rolling?

If I am a long time customer and it is occasional – okay, no problem. If it is consistent I insist on paying my way. I say thank you so much but I would rather be clear in that I think I should be paying for this.

12. How do you sleep at night living in a world without Don LaFontaine?
Badly, it wrenches my heart that he is gone and television and movie trailers will never be the same, never be as good, they ought to cancel the whole voice over thing as Don had it squared away – there can be no better than he.

13. How much research do you put into a statement before making an ass out of yourself in front of someone else who knows better.
I try to only comment on things I know about. I hate being wrong on a point or being caught unprepared for the verbal discourse – I tend to say that I am not prepared to argue my opinion when I think I am not researched enough on a topic. I will also tell other people when I don’t think they are prepared to argue with me on their point.

14. Define theft.
the taking of something that doesn’t belong to you. The taking of something trivial that doesn’t belong to you. The taking of anything you where there is no agreement in the social contract that it should be yours unless you pay for it with money you’ve earned or given to you freely or bartered or traded for.
claiming intellectual property as your own that isn’t. Plagiarism.
quoting without citing.
If you cannot afford to feed your family and there is no food pantry where you are – stealing food isn’t theft.

15. Define theft as it applies to you.
As where I know a lot of people that do define it differently when it comes to themselves stealing something (downloading music for example) I do not define it differently for myself than for any other. I would be apt to hold myself to a higher standard.

16. Define honesty.
the alignment of words, actions, thoughts, intention without greed, malice, justification, personal gain.

17. define how you want it to apply to others about you.
speaking to me without regard to my emotional reaction so long as it isn’t designed to injure.

18. quick, how many fingers am I holding up?
all of them – I’m typing.

19. This being the last question as asking 20 goes against my sadistic tendencies (I know there are the OCD sufferers out there reading this)  I will ask, simply, if you only have 30 seconds to make a permanent judgment about a man – what would your criteria be – is it the same for a woman?
I use my gut a lot and haven’t been proven wrong often. I have no set criteria. That said, I can read body language quite well and will often simply feel something that turns out to be correct when I have doubted it in the past.
all that said – I try no to judge too quickly but admit that I am only a man and as a man I am prone to judgment and error.

21. kidding. lying. What is your most harmful obsession?
K. – and the working of my own self.

January 10, 2011

Hoc Scripsi explained, well mostly…

by jhon baker

The number one unanswered question of this nearly virgin year and the whore year of 2010: What is “Hoc Scripsi”, what does it mean?
easy – it’s Latin and simply means – “I wrote this”. I’ve thought about my next collection being titled this way. I had thought about using “Hoc poema condidi” which means – I wrote this poem, however, it seemed too much even for me; if not too specific.
My reasons for using it are unverifiable – so I’ll keep those to myself.

Before anyone begins to think that I speak Latin I have to admit that as where I am familiar with Latin to a degree that would make my English teachers very proud, I was not able to come up with the translations on my own. For this I had to rely on a friend of mine, Noah Blan, whom I know through my wife and is a wonderfully studied man. I don’t think he needed to refer to anything other than his brain for the translations, a talent I can only wish I possessed.

Today, I am tired. Not sleeping well as is part of my malady. As I am trying to postpone a nap until the opportune time to best leverage my tiredness, this means it must be put off until late tonight or I may not sleep, even if I close my eyes.
but I’m jumpy.

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