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January 26, 2013


by jhon baker

I’ve lowered my standards,
the problem might be that I had them in the first place.
you easily forget when you were at your best
in endless pursuit to surmount each previous work
and your output dwindles until you are
only writing fifty poems a year
which I guess is fine
though it is easier to say more if so inclined
and uninhibited
by meaningless constraints and various medications.

but don’t worry,
I’m still on the medications.

– Hoc Scripsi

March 10, 2011

What I know for sure…

by jhon baker



















every dog my parents ever owned has bit my father.

February 1, 2011

a comment reposted.

by jhon baker

Have I ever mentioned that I studied philosophy with a mind to be come a philosopher – instead going to fine arts as the job prospects were the same while the papers I had to write were less. I am reminded of this when I read blogs like Weaving the Moon today and I comment thusly:

now involves so many things, past present and future all tied into a non-linear fashion, how can one focus on the now without proper regard to a timeless essence permeating the outskirts of consciousness?

of course my bent of philosophy is tempered by my poetic style but there you go. That is my thought for the day.
I was awake last night fairly late and begun work on a magpie write, that’ll be tomorrow probably or later today. Who knows? I don’t know what I should post for tomorrow as it is my one year anniversary of blogging. I’ve damn near made a year! unless I perish while snow-throwing on my tractor today a year will be accomplished.

I can be proud of myself now.

June 18, 2010

by jhon baker

I read the comics everyday, I find it starts the day off on a positive and sound note. This is what keeps me from going mad when the shoelace breaks, that and I wear side-zip boots.

March 31, 2010

joy, obsession, fixation

by jhon baker

Happy Birthday Rene Descartes, but you had it wrong – it is not that you think and you know you are but – I feel pain, therefore I am.

So, here is what I am thinking, liberals don’t know anything simply because they want to rid the world of legally owned guns – owned by responsible people, Conservatives want people to retain their rights and keep gun. Well, what does it mean that we have weaponry? simply that the government cannot become fascist without our consent. I believe the liberals want to take over and control and the old moderate conservative wants freedom. I think something of late is backwards. But this is all true.

only the poor know of love’s intensity/ you, the business man, know only of mergers (marriage)/thus propagating the common ideal.// for love you merge the bodies (sex)/thus propagating life./love, joy, obsession, fixation, release/ and good sleep.

Now I don’t know what I am thinking and here is a poem.

got this machine to work again poetry


acid-free paper.
jalopy typewriter that
hasn’t been oiled in years.
I’ve quit smoking, drinking et al.
mostly I wonder if I can still write
worth a goddamn.


air condenses outside and on
my water glass.
temps in the mid-sixties or whatnot.
the cat sounds and I know that he wants
but the food is upstairs and put away
the cat can find a mouse
or eat a spider, I don’t care…

there is no innocence in the thoughts
of the 30 year old man,
no matter what they tell you.
and don’t trust what women say
when they want something.

they always want something.


I have disembarrassed myself from my original family
this was a necessary move. they should call me a genius
for leaving them in affect, to suffer their own drama.

my own little family needs me to be emotionally available for them
and I can’t do that if I am tied up in fictitious drama, especially
one that disinterests so much. Maybe we’ll miss the gossip, but I
think we’ll learn to cope.


Okay, okay…

I’ll be the fucking messiah.
I don’t see that anyone else wants the job.

maybe it’s the bloody end that makes people
re-think the position.

but fuck it,
I’m not doing anything else;
might as well shit can the rest of my life
as I’ve done a bang up job so far.

I might as well be the messiah
I don’t see how anyone else is pulling for it,
and there is no nepotism now due to HR
and the EOEA.

After all,
I was right about that one thing
that once
wasn’t I.

and to wrap now – 6.

it doesn’t matter how much I do
or how courteous I am,

it is always about you.

– I wrote this.

I make no apology for myself.

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