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February 28, 2010


by jhon baker

I’ve decided that I want to spend my weekends playing chess with my son and not necessarily post more than once here. I ask for no-one to be offended as I am not entirely sure I would be able to have any sort of appropriate reaction to such a thing. Not sure, I think it entirely depends on the state of my medication at the time.
Anyway, posting here doesn’t take long depending on the length of the poem I am posting – I do not cut/copy/paste – I retype and hope that I have the sensibility for something new in it. Mostly I like them or do not in the state they are and they remain unchanged.

Go here.

or here  it’s last year but there are two there and I like them.

here is good as well. Again, last year but the one here I’ve always had affection for.

these made me feel good.

I will post more in the future when I am feeling this lazy again.

That’s Charlie. I’m Jhon and you are going to have an excellent day.

February 26, 2010

–title missing–

by jhon baker
one of these days
I’ll get around to
being amazed
by you
by the things that
you say
by the way
you dress
by the beer that
you drink
by the cigars you
smoke or
the considerable
lies on which you
will choke

– I wrote this

Just now actually – I am beginning to be more prolific lately and am quite glad of it. Maybe not leaving my house and burning bridges is where it’s at.

Here it is – 

Or is this overused?
Maybe this instead…

okay then, have a great weekend!

I think I need more medication.

February 26, 2010

one of these days

by jhon baker

more on this in a few minutes….

February 25, 2010

ode to eyes open all night

by jhon baker

Let us not forget to go here: ‘I sketch umbrellas to remind’

but for today…
apologies for my lack of other wit or comment as my index finger makes it too difficult to write with any ease – I would say it was making excuses but it took over a day to stop the bleeding in the first place and I have already pounded out enough work for today to feel accomplished.

 early morning unslept

I am tired of dealing
with ancient memories

they ought to
invent           a machine
where I can

I guess there is a pill
for that
and now I hear it comes
in bottles at every street
corner in every city
except for Salt Lake City
                    on Sundays 

– I wrote this

February 24, 2010

It seems

by jhon baker

Normally I write a new poem and I submit it around and hold it. Most poetry here is a few years old. This one is not – this one is right now. Also this one has some precedent in my work as I am rarely moved enough to write about something political that can also become so charged. But, here it is…

It seems (prisoners of consciousness)
    for Orlando Zapata and Fidel Castro

F. Castro is 
doing well
it seems
Cuban dissidents are
still dying
in prisons
it seems
R. Castro blames others
for the blood but not
his blood
it seems
all the while we
mostly remain silent
it seems

– I wrote this

I wanted this out now, right now. I don’t even know how finished it is. I wanted it out now.

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