yard work and Miles Davis

by jhon baker

I am having that week where it is near impossible to get motivated and out of bed – like the end of a too long vacation.
but the lawn is now mowed and I think even more of a condo, there is still the weed trimming and watering the newest seed and sod. I’ve already returned to bed and day dreamed another half hour away. I can return to these things later, after fresh coffee midday, after angelic visions, masturbation, time behind the typewriter, and whatever else I can do to postpone the drudgery of yard work.

listening to Miles Davis and drinking that midday black coffee there is little chance that I will recover from this mood quite yet.

somewhat changing the subject:
I have to proof my book this week or next, received it yesterday afternoon. the first thing I noticed is that the cover isn’t what I expected or like very much. If need be I can live with it as what is important is on the inside which my mood can’t stand to read though right now. I’ve read so much of my own work lately preparing for this book that there isn’t room in my heart for another reading quite yet.


when I go to tie my shoes
and break a lace, I don’t go
crazy and/or go off on a bender
where the normal narcotics are
augmented with an admixture
to include alcohol and speed.
this is not because I had a
balanced upbringing where
stability was taught and soaked
into the impressionistic brain;
but because years of being, bearing
witness to such madness taught me
that shoelaces break and
to only wear
side-zip boots.

 – Hoc Scripsi

7 Comments to “yard work and Miles Davis”

  1. side-zip or velcro (if you are 6).. so send me th book, i'll read it and tell you all about it..ha!!

    your days sound one heeluva lot better than mine.. me thinks it's time for a change up..
    another great post..

  2. Jhon … you and I have similar days … sans yardwork. I'm in a townhouse and believe you me, I pay through the nose for maintenance.

    Good luck on proofing the book… I would love to know more about it. Congrats.

  3. Love how you put masterbation on your list!

    I love Miles Davis – perfect for a summer afternoon. Yard work (for me), not so much. Thank God I don't have a yard!

  4. Did I just write 'masterbation'? Hm… some kind of Freudian in there somewhere, I'm sure!

  5. Jhon, sorry to comment on another comment, but I'll get to your post in a second.

    Talli, not only did you write it once, you wrote it twice!

    Jhon, if you were able to get to the yard work without too much pain, that that is a good thing!
    I spent a lot of my years trying to create a “zip-side” life.

    Congrats on getting to this point with your book, can't wait to see it…

  6. I love everything about getting other people to write or say 'masturbation' – even getting others to think about it makes me a little 3rd grade giddy.

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