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July 20, 2010


by jhon baker

I don’t cook soup often
and it bothers me to have to do it
I don’t know why
maybe it’s that I don’t eat soups
unless they are served to me and made of
yesterdays grease, cream and uneaten chicken
or pork
but my son likes it for lunch and it’s
good for him
so his mother heats it, adding the can of water
and stirring

he eats hot food
I clean the dishes in hot water
my wife checks her e-mail

everybody’s happy

– Hoc Scripsi

July 20, 2010

the dirty bookstore

by jhon baker

The therapist has urged me to start keeping a record of my dreams – I think to try and suss them out. This morning I awoke about five -thirty and recorded the two that were still screaming in my head; dreams, at least mine, are schizophrenic. Interesting to record when everything changes instantly, without segue.
I went to the bookstore to try to locate an appropriate dream journal and was unimpressed by the selection. I have a collection of unused notebooks that I keep on hand so I really didn’t need to buy anything and I left the store with books for my son and Mojo magazine edited by Tom Waits, no journal. I decided to simply use the one already bedside that I record my day in and to double it’s purpose, I’m sure it doesn’t mind. This particular bookstore was dirty and badly arranged but with no dirty books to make the scene complete. There was a section of art books that I am sure people could find obscene but that doesn’t make them porn and there were books that I found obscene but for reasons of how poorly written they were and not the content of imagery.

today in 1969 Buzz Aldrin did a two step on the moon – I don’t believe that I’ll do anything that interesting today.

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