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July 8, 2010


by jhon baker

Right now I am busying myself with looking over everything I’ve written since the start of the new year and deciding what needs work and what is perfect in situ. I like to look at things with a mind that has moved on to know. I always surprise myself when I put something on this blog for public consumption without have allowed it to be thought about for at least a day first – but first thought best thought and sometimes it is even worded correctly the first time out. More than once I have edited a post several times throughout the day and I am starting to think I may need to write them all in advance but then my readers might miss the fresh crazy.
It was Allen Ginsberg who first taught me (not personally) that first thought is best thought and for the complete education one must look at the amount of time he puts into each poem and how much rework is really done. It’s the first thought that is best – not first strophe best strophe or first word best word.

just this note today and that is all I think, I can smell dinner cooking and it is blanking my mind making any sort of first thought be about pork chops.

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