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July 23, 2010

Friday and the rain comes

by jhon baker

It’s raining finally. Meaning that I will not have to go out and water the lawn, the clouds and atmosphere are pulling together and putting water and nutrients into my half assed attempt at an enviable lawn. Rained all night but that didn’t come with the usual good sleep, flashes of lightening, bad dreams, and strange noises kept me awake with one hand on my .45 (the strange noises) but last nights sleep was an improvement over the night before. I had seemingly been cured of the plaguing insomnia or I had nearly been convinced that I had been cured through medication which may have helped the sleep and is now weeping out from my skin as I have suspended this particular prescription. Why? I couldn’t write and I was too medicated to be angry about it. I’ve thrashed most of what I had written while on this last attempt at stability. I realize now that I prefer walking on the fine edge of a razor blade to the life that medication offers you.
Wow, from simple rain to the complex world of anti-psychotics.

The walls may start to bleed again, disembodied eyes may watch me from the windows, the noise is coming back slowly slowly slowly and I’m getting the headaches again here and there, here and there. Still not feeling anger but able to meditate and breathe when the air isn’t suffocated from under the glass walls.
– it’s the good rain that does it, makes me nostalgic for a more unhinged period of my life.


eating dinner by
two candle power
& glasses of water like

goblets of wine
between us,
we eat slowly,

laugh heartily
and are only drowning

in concern

clean skin, made
beautiful by artificial

 – Hoc Scripsi

July 21, 2010

yard work and Miles Davis

by jhon baker

I am having that week where it is near impossible to get motivated and out of bed – like the end of a too long vacation.
but the lawn is now mowed and I think even more of a condo, there is still the weed trimming and watering the newest seed and sod. I’ve already returned to bed and day dreamed another half hour away. I can return to these things later, after fresh coffee midday, after angelic visions, masturbation, time behind the typewriter, and whatever else I can do to postpone the drudgery of yard work.

listening to Miles Davis and drinking that midday black coffee there is little chance that I will recover from this mood quite yet.

somewhat changing the subject:
I have to proof my book this week or next, received it yesterday afternoon. the first thing I noticed is that the cover isn’t what I expected or like very much. If need be I can live with it as what is important is on the inside which my mood can’t stand to read though right now. I’ve read so much of my own work lately preparing for this book that there isn’t room in my heart for another reading quite yet.


when I go to tie my shoes
and break a lace, I don’t go
crazy and/or go off on a bender
where the normal narcotics are
augmented with an admixture
to include alcohol and speed.
this is not because I had a
balanced upbringing where
stability was taught and soaked
into the impressionistic brain;
but because years of being, bearing
witness to such madness taught me
that shoelaces break and
to only wear
side-zip boots.

 – Hoc Scripsi

July 15, 2010

the minutae of 07/15/2010

by jhon baker

I am trying to write from my screened in porch today. It isn’t working well, or at all really. I suppose that I could write about the birds or the trees that adorn my property. My son and beautiful wife are basking in an inflatable pool which took about an hour to blow up with my compressor and fill from a hose connected to an indoor faucet. I am going to demand at least an hour of fun out of them individually for the effort expended.
Speaking as an animal lover, I am about to start picking off the plethora of fucking squirrels and chipmunks that are overrun on the property. They are cute up to about a dozen, I suppose I am the one that moved into the middle of a forest (not really just a lot of old oaks scattered about). Then again, there is a small forested area on the property where most of them live which is great – stay there, frolic in peace and cease digging little holes in the lawn and driving my cats out of their collective minds (actually this is quite funny and I don’t mind that part a bit). We have a gofer I think. I haven’t seen it yet but know it from the enormous holes it digs into the ground, if it knows what is good for it it will move away now that I’ve packed dirt into the tunnels – we haven’t seen a resurgence as of yet but I think a 8mm German Mauser ought to scatter it about the yard as food for carnivorous birds and other scavengers. it is funny in that I used to not care about these things when I rented apartments and houses. Now that it is mine I have a different expectation of the critters and neighbor kids – mainly staying off the lawn unless they are playing with my kid. , this going for critters more than the neighbor kids where I have actual liability.
Last night I forgot to write in my adversaria or at all yesterday. I was distracted by searing amounts of pain running through my leg. I have been making a habit of overdoing it, yard work, proper relations with my wife, standing and walking about and such, even lying down does not diminish only not adding to the current level. Today is better and I am still learning to take it easy after 3.75 years of this.
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted part two of the thirty-aught six poem as of yet. I decided in the late hour that it needed a complete rewrite and as I do that we will all have to wait. Only the first two verses are done but there are things that time should move aside to allow them be written.

April 16, 2010

one off the cuff at seven-thirty Am

by jhon baker

you can’t even laugh at your own jokes.

but I don’t know where to start.

we’re stranded on a desert island
and we only brought one thing,

it wasn’t the satellite phone.

a man crossed the road, longing
for the other side. or was
it a woman.

or a chicken.

I plan on never being as old as
my father, who is not ageless.

Miles Davis plays on the radio.

cleaning my glasses with microfiber.
abreast the impudent children.

 – Hoc Scripsi

This is my offering today. not much in it’s own regard. I am working on two much longer pieces. and they consume a lot of energy.

it is suppose to rain today, I seeded the lawn yesterday. I assume it will not rain today.

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