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March 2, 2010

Untitled (the sane)

by jhon baker

The sane point fingers
    to keep themselves appearing sane
    to stay their definition
The glamorous point bejeweled fingers
    to keep their proportions
    as the definition of beauty

Well, stop pointing your
    sticky fingers at me
I will not obsess your definitions
I am comfortable in my own
and deformed self

– I wrote this

This was previously published in GSR. I was thinking this morning about my deformed self while I was waiting for the meds to kick in and naturally my mind went to this poem again.
So, enjoy and as always – feel free to comment, question and what have you.

February 24, 2010

As a reminder

by jhon baker

Yesterdays poem or entry, what have you was this link – Click here now –  and I hope that everyone has had a chance to read it. I’ll repost it here once it is no longer new on the Rejection Digest page, But anyway, here is one aptly titled ‘poem’.
so, there you are.


There’s a sense of length
that comes with every job;
          (they tell me I’m crazy, that
          I have no ethnicity;
          I long to be Jewish or Black
          knowing the absurdity of it,
          like when you pretend I can hear
          you when you stand that far away.
          I’m all right with that.
          I’m all right with my overwhelming
          Caucasian complexion from the
          Welsh/French heredity.
          I’m all right with being crazy
          and having no ethnicity if that’s
          where it is)
the job pays enough and has no sense of
balance. The other parts of life suffer.
Lunch is still an important meal
and I have no qualms with it.

– I wrote this

I’d type more but cannot use my index finger so typing is off a bit and more difficult than longhand for me, which, while not being legible will have to do for now.

by the way, comments are welcome. Just click the word comments below for a pop-up.

February 23, 2010

Rejection Digest

by jhon baker

Rejection digest, my new favorite web site as it has published the stunningly brilliant poem “I sketch umbrellas to remind or Juan Grande Pecador”

Click the title NOW!! I am going to lay out on my couch and recover from a table saw incident and a strange visit to my doctor.

– Me

February 3, 2010


by jhon baker

I am unencumbered by two inches
of my right leg
just as Jerry Garcia was unencumbered
by a middle finger
and Indian Larry by his pinkie

I am unencumbered by thought or want
from the single life of chasing
the girls and boys around
not unlike how death rattles free
our common concerns

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