This is the title for this post.

by jhon baker

Why do I look at my wife firstly every morning and often at night while I am awake and she is sleeping?

Because she is beautiful and I love beauty.


Enjoying hot coffee in this terrible heat and there is no inspiration except for this heat which, like rain, I nearly refuse to write about. Lately there have been a lot of really wonderful comments and I would like to thank you and tell you how humbled I am by them.


I’ve decided that my post today would be mildly erratic.


My most real and available friends are all ones I’ve met through this internet thingy. Also, it is night while I read your post and it is so muggy outside while I am trying to smoke that my glasses fog, my computer is wetting with condensation and my ukulele is warping out of tune.

(that was written two nights ago)


in 2010 I wrote a lot about death as last year there was death experienced.

such as

life ends

life ends abruptly.

the shadow ceases.

loss is registered but

life goes on,

indelicately as it


– Hoc Scripsi


3 Comments to “This is the title for this post.”

  1. I love erratic.
    There is beauty in watching someone sleep. I would sit for ages watching my children sleep for that very reason.

    I am happy to have met you here in this online world

    • I watch my son sleep a lot as well. I’ve never slept well (since I was about eight) and watching my wife and son in that kind of peace brings tremendous peace to me.
      my glasses are horribly dirty and I think that the coffee is getting cold. May our kindling friendship blossom.

  2. Aw! I love the first one. You made my insides go mushy.

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