I got nothing

by jhon baker

As where new things happen, old things stop happening.


I got nothing.


a drum set without a spur, a poem without a line or two, a cold cup of coffee, a bathroom light fixture with a blown ballast.


but I’ve slept – yesterday/last night I slept great. this is an abnormal occurrence, an anomaly in an otherwise sleepless life.

6 Comments to “I got nothing”

  1. This seems so similar to what I journaled just today…

  2. Right there with you.

    I am feeling like a boat in the swamp with no water beneath.

    • I think I may have caught it from the concentration on music lately. It seems at times that I can only participate fully in one artistic endeavor. Which will be interesting when I start teaching Classical, Jazz and Flamenco Guitar.

  3. IMPORTANT UPDATE: i died. Kidding. I replaced the light fixture all by my little 6’2″ 280 lbs. self.

  4. I swept the garage this week.. other than work about the only thing that I could concentrate on.. pushing for a more productive one this week..
    Flamenco guitar? sign me up..

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