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July 3, 2011


by jhon baker

For several years I’ve thought about Judas. My intention is a long poem. My intention is to visit this theme as a poetic eulogy and I’ve thought and thought.

The Jesus kisser.

I am informed by the Gospel of Judas Iscariot.

Judas got a raw deal.

I am also informed by the clarity of non-indoctrination and the curious mind.

Judas has been marked for eternity by possibly well meaning folk but misdirected and Judas’ actions have been greatly misunderstood. What would you do?
What if your leader, companion, most trusted adviser and advocate asked you to betray. Would you be the friend that you have purported to be or would you actually betray by not following these wishes. We must remember that they were after Jesus regardless of Judas’ finger and kiss and silver paid. We must remember that the wheels had been turning against him, he would be found but the only thing that could be controlled by the 12 (or 13, and I think 13) was how and where.

Asked not to understand, asked not to explain or have the revelation needed or peace it would offer, asked to send shepherd away to be slaughtered by the shepherd.

Judas was no coward but displayed strength and fortitude that I doubt many have, it must be why he was chosen from the go.

I mourn Judas, wish to eulogize him, offer him his proper epitaph, his song –

“You will exceed all of them. You will sacrifice the man that clothes me.”

Jesus knew what has to transpire – and if there was divine vision, he knew before he shook that hand of the man who would kiss him.

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