by jhon baker

she’s allergic to the blue iris I always send to her on her birthday.

I slept badly and then we we made love – after I slept until 11:40 and an hour later haven’t moved from my cigarette and empty coffee cup.

at two in the morning my body was creeping out of my skin revealing a man within, the eviction notice again goes without serious note.

every day I have a responsibility to wake and breathe, I’ve done so unfailingly.

every cay I have a responsibility to write the most beautiful poems, something revealing, I’ve done so failingly.

– Hoc Scripsi


10 Comments to “”

  1. …we demand too much of ourselves at times..
    just be..Jhon.. just be
    everything else will settle where it needs to be..

  2. Very raw and honest. BTW…made you blog of the day.

  3. Hey Jhon, sometimes success comes with the body of a person’s work and not with each and every piece written. I usually keep a book of poems or short stories by my bedside. Open a page and read what’s on it. Hands on the Hips has been that book for quite a while.Why? Because I love it as a collection. I can’t point out a favorite, or one that I don’t like much. Don’t fret if you don’t knock it out of the park every time. Hell, don’t even fret if you strike out sometimes. Your average is far above the Mendoza line and that is much better than most…

    • I love to hear great things about my book and work. I’ve always though that it worked best together as I slowly lay out a bad movie with it. It may be awful but I know I would watch it!

  4. keep writing…i feel this…each day the ink must be bled…

  5. I love the part about the responsibility and breathing. That’s so easy to forget somethings.

    • Thank you, all to often I can forget upon waking any of these many important things. Like breathing or that one leg is shorter than the other by 2″ and I fall over – this mainly happens in the middle of the night fifteen minutes after I’ve managed to fall away to needed sleep.

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