bathe every open wound

by jhon baker

five am –

nothing like not being able to sleep due to the feeling of the skin crawling off the muscle and the emptiness invading broken bones.

A cigarette now and then back into bed –

my skin feels oily, my chest is going to explode.

insomnia – the supposed friend of writers everywhere.

try being a cripple with a cripple walk and then try wearing slippers. Mine have the image of Freud but even that bit of funniness doesn’t make them stay on any better when i cripple walk up a single step into the kitchen from the garage where one will fall right after I have outed the lights, followed quickly by the other in a scramble to replace the foot. crawling works better.

there is a child staring at me from the crack I’ve left in the door. It’s not mine.

This is probably disturbing as hell to my wife who is going to read this when she wakes up and realizes that I did not get to sleep at all or at least until six am.

she’s just learned that I’ve been cutting all my meds for weeks now.

this might be disturbing as hell to anyone reading this – or just mildly interesting.
I am not altogether invested in your reaction, although it is nice to read.

I didn’t post yesterday because a friend lost someone and I didn’t have words to comfort them.

I will probably delete this when I come to my senses later on.

until then – here’s a pome…

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bathe every open wound
bathe every open wound
murder me a rose
forgive the violations
adolescent pornographic magazine libido
a dirty young man
who has
old bones
who has
atrophied musculatures
doesn’t wear helmets
awakes in a plain mood
scribbles indecipherably
ill lighted back corner lots
limps triumphantly
dances incessantly
tears wildly at television commercials
who has
piles of unpublishable odes and laments
walks around with guns in pockets
gives to the rich
gives to the poor
gives lavishly to self
send out letters, mid-twentieth century formatting
masturbates feverishly under covers before trying to sleep
smokes privately, drinks publicly
once, in youth, stole a copy of John Lennon’s “imagine”
answers what, who, why and when
with why, what, who and now
walks lonely at night for no reason
cuts himself to cut out the childhood monster still haunting in dreams
quietly ignores the family dynamic of drama
sits up hours on end listening to poets in their own voices
uncompromisingly refuses to get up until all stiffness is diminished
rides motorcycles at 75-80 mph in route to therapy sessions
who has
forgiven people their existence but holds self at higher standard
I’ve given up
offer me that flower/rose from you garden
the one you promised me.

12 Comments to “bathe every open wound”

  1. I really like your poem. It speaks volumns. I hope you find the elusive thing called sleep. It is very hard when you are in pain and by the sounds of it manic. Also, wishing you some peaceful sleep and just a little peace in general.

  2. I too know that friend/demon called “insomnia”..
    Miz “I” (as I call it) knows all of my secrets..
    your friend was comforted simply by the comment, “no words”..honestly

    that poem speaks volumes and more..don't delete this post…

    I breathe peace to the west, now open your hand and embrace..

  3. keep it, someday you'll look back and reminiscent.

  4. Jhon a powerful fast moving read.
    You had me on the edge of my chair.

  5. love your playful and creative piece here.
    have fun!

  6. Sounds all pretty normal to me, you know, being a poet.

  7. Powerfully written. I was rivetted. Great title “bathe every open wound”.

  8. Wow, Jhon. No wonder you and Kevin bonded. 🙂 😦 This makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy that Kevin has someone that truly understands what he is going through and sad that both of you go through it.

  9. I just came by to check on you. I see you are well.

    Warm Regards,

  10. Playful?
    I see you are well?

    Wow! Not what I got from that post at all. Made my concern all the more greater!

  11. I didn't find it near as disturbing as I found it disturbingly familiar. I had to change houseshoes today because mine kept falling back into the garage and I didn't realize it until I tripped over the dog food in the dark because I have long since forgotten what it feels like to feel your feet anymore.

  12. It's nice to know I'm not alone when I cry over random TV commercials.

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