small idea

by jhon baker

staring at a blank page doesn’t help
anything get written
so closing eyes to regard each thought
as it passes
‘hello thought! you are going no where.’
‘other thought, I may not be able to keep up.’
‘ah! small idea but you’re growing!

 – Hoc Scripsi


4 Comments to “small idea”

  1. and why do the best thought come in the dead of night when your eyes are unfocused and by the time you get to the tablet..Poof..gone..

  2. you learn to write while still asleep with a pencil and notebook found adjacent to your bed. I've written more than one thing while still asleep, hard to read but interesting. Also, it is easy to regard a lost idea as a good one.

  3. See told you I learn more from you than college.. look at all the money I wasted and you could have had..

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