one off the cuff at seven-thirty Am

by jhon baker

you can’t even laugh at your own jokes.

but I don’t know where to start.

we’re stranded on a desert island
and we only brought one thing,

it wasn’t the satellite phone.

a man crossed the road, longing
for the other side. or was
it a woman.

or a chicken.

I plan on never being as old as
my father, who is not ageless.

Miles Davis plays on the radio.

cleaning my glasses with microfiber.
abreast the impudent children.

 – Hoc Scripsi

This is my offering today. not much in it’s own regard. I am working on two much longer pieces. and they consume a lot of energy.

it is suppose to rain today, I seeded the lawn yesterday. I assume it will not rain today.

4 Comments to “one off the cuff at seven-thirty Am”

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  2. Thanks much, I am interested. I love the admixture of porn and poetry – both erotic and appealing to me.

  3. Nice.. real nice.. short, and nice…
    I'll be back to peruse your blog/library!!

  4. Thank you Lynne, I was unsure as I had stated. So, Thank you!

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