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April 3, 2010

clocked out for the weekend.

by jhon baker

So I don’t know what to write today. I might be burning at the odd ends this week as my activity has been more than normal. I spent a large portion of yesterday on the road and at my Father in-Law’s place. I say that as if he chooses to be there, as if it is his own and he goes out to mow the lawn on Sundays or asks me to help him tune up his car or tractor, like he has bills of his own and greater responsibility than playing tricks on nurses and other members. His home is a VA home in Manteno, Il. Where he has to be following a massive stroke over six years ago. He is now the ghost of the man I love as dearly as my own father. but I have digressed… once home I took another large bit and looked over what I have written this year to give final revisions and final typing. Two days ago I assisted a local theater company in the construction of some of a current set. Go to here to learn more about that show. It was fun to build something larger than furniture or small caskets for a change. That night I wrote quite a bit as well. This has been the steady of my week so far. each day it’s own and full of something. I’ve been sleeping great for two weeks straight and I cannot recall when this has happened before. Maybe I am cured of one thing to now be without mind today.
the poem for Easter Weekend – having nothing to do with Easter but I needed to acknowledge that somewhere I think.

Title: 2/11/2009

black trees
gray sky
white earth.

the last snowfall
of the season and itself
the last guest of

mute silhouetted tones
obfuscating sidewalks
and dirt pathways.

winters obsolescence in
early year and only
missed mid-summer.

but it is without


 – Hoc Scripsi

This is everything I have for now, if I think of something later I’ll let you know.
oh! What are thoughts regarding business cards to feature my not-haiku poems on the reverse? Like eight different designs/ not-haikus? place any thoughts in the comments where you may also comment about any thing or non-thing.

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