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April 4, 2010

The showing of humility.

by jhon baker
I found out last night that I may be receiving an award today. 
I was humbled by the knowledge and have now accepted this from Patrick Tillett.

In his words – “Jhon writes some of the best prose and poetry I’ve ever read. Many of his poems have the cadence of a fist fight and hit just as hard. This is no “roses are red, violets are blue” drivel.”

more than the award I love this comment and description of my writing. So First I want to say Thank you to Patrick and provide this link for all my readers to find him. His link will forever be connected to the picture above on the side of my blog as well.

I usually never post on a Sunday unless there is a death but this is a confirmation of life – my life. Today I will post a few things before checking out for the remainder of the weekend.
Patrick Tillett writes about his experiences and life. Quite often fascinating and harrowing. Occasionally funny and bombastic. I love to read his blog and have often found it just what I needed to read when I clicked over.
Again, thank you my friend, I hope you are truly well when you read this as I know you will.

Today’s post.

Today in 1968 James Earl Ray became infamous.
today in 1968 the world loses one of it’s
          greatest lovers.
today in 1968 @ 6:01 PM Martin Luther King Jr.
          went home.

the most peaceful of men,
the most violent of deaths,
the most peaceful of men,
has died for all time.

– Hoc Scripsi

I think there is only this to add now,

Vincent Van Gogh only painted while stable. I skipped my meds yesterday as I fear being too stable. I suppose it would have been hard for him to paint while having fits of seizures and sitting near comatose. I think not seeing the world through these eyes would make all writing difficult.

one more thing, if you will permit me this.
Thank you.

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