it’s thursday

by jhon baker

woke up this morning and it was pouring rain, welcoming spring I slept in late late. I had dreams that although I was married with a boy and my age, I was naked in High School, but in dream I really didn’t care.

My older brother hit me in the head with a golf club,
while I was six, according to my mother,
broke open my skull,
according to the golf club.

Now I blame him for everything. like the instability.

– I wrote this, just now but based off a lifetime of experience.


she was a bookstore bathroom  o d
fast food joint, racetrack, OTB
bar, et cetera.
are all expected;
but she had to be different.
pretty & young, pretty young
aged well and old all look the same
in the county morgue.

– I wrote this

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