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March 3, 2010

two for today

by jhon baker

Today I am feeling spiky, might try to get the little stingy bastard in the corner once and for all. Or maybe I’ll lie down on the floor and pretend none of this is happening while I try to avoid the electric touch of humans.


the notebooks,
IBM Selectric IIIs,
et cetera
these are my shields,
protecting me from the world
from you –
My words are the weapons
I utilize
bludgeoning the audience
until they bleed from ears,
mouth, fingertips,
and eyes.

– I wrote this, just now actually in HTML’s commentary.

I like to shoot from the hip. It seems to work better.

March 3, 2010


by jhon baker

“Do not do the slightest thing
now that the wise would later censure.”
 – from the Sutta Nipata

This Buddhist teaching is probably the closest teaching to my heart. To me it says to look at each of our actions and consider all the ramifications of such.Even what seems to be positive assistance can be in retrospect quite nefarious without intention.
humm, I’ll have to think about this awhile again.

Written in 2008 and unfortunately still a timely comment.

meditation on war consciousness

It’s War,
Do you accept?
without question
what do you offer
your children

   do you accept
without agenda
offer prayers
market share
It’s War.

do you accept?
indispensable propaganda
it’s war,
do you accept.
without question
without agenda
this that we offer
can only be as now here
do you accept?

without question.

– I wrote this.

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