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March 17, 2010


by jhon baker

ticking of a clock

wife chopping up
vegetables, going through
cabinets and drawers,

cooking dinner with
great efficiency.
the child playing his

computer games and
the cats meowing for some
attention or fresh water.

the furnaces turn on and off
heating a room to 67 d Fahrenheit
(19 d Celsius)
somewhere outside there is

the sound of radios playing
modern urban music
the engine braking of trucks

coming to stop on
or slow toward Shales Pkwy
on Rte. 20.

or the other way around.
it drives men mad.

– I wrote this.

New added feature, now you can follow this blog via face book. Look for the widget on the left column and click follow on either the blogspot one of the facebook one. Llike all people wanting to be famous, my happiness is measured by the amount of followers I have. Joking, I am never happy. Happiness is like the theater candy ‘good & plenty’ – this is only true before you open the box, when you invariably find that where they can pass for good you always want one more or maybe two more, but there was not “plenty” available without spending another seven USD – which considering how much journals pay for poetry these days is a lot of fucking money.
That is a really long plea.
Last night I slept well, taking only my normal amount of medications without supplementing with anything herbal or over the counter or out the back door. I hope that this means I will sleep well agian tonight. But, as Bob Dylan once said –
“hope is just a word that maybe you said
maybe you heard
down some windy corner
down some winding curve.” (last thoughts on Woody Guthrie)

how short is this life?

we are still in mourning over Todd Moore. Go there for more thoughts.

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