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March 25, 2010

post elements

by jhon baker

I enjoy random; it’s how we, as humans, do things. Realizing it or not.
All my thoughts are random.
all my actions are random
all seems well planed and excruciatingly thought out only because
                                                                                                             I think.


eating dinner by
two candle power
& glasses of water like

goblets of wine
between us,
we eat slowly,

laugh heartily
and are only drowning

in concern

clean skin, made
beautiful by artificial

– I wrote this

After dinner, a great coffee rubbed NY Strip and Guinness (gasp!), I can be heard exclaiming – for these prices one would think that they would know how to pre-bus a table. She shushes me, smiling, and I reply – well, if I can’t be picky, on drugs and drinking, what else can I be?

Somewhere in D.C., not far from where I currently am, the Health Bill is being hotly debated. My only opinion is that it is overstepping the bounds of government to force the people into purchasing a medical plan from a corporate entity where only the benefactor is a guy in a suit, piloting his yacht, on a corporate jet, paling around with paid pussy and in general being a rich bastard, rich off a law that benefits more than just the people.

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