found poem

by jhon baker

I wanted to look you in the eye

and hold you

to fuck you, to know you
but thankfully
        you broke
        my heart

there is no poetry in you.
there is nothing left of
the wordless moment
so this is NOT spoken word
but merely a poem

and wherever I am 
you are on
the other side
of the room

– I wrote this

at least I think I did, pretty sure, it was located in the margins of a book from off my shelf. I bought the book new and the poem written in pencil was written in my hand. I am also known for writing in books and more so, writing poems in books so I think I can be as sure as anything about this being my poem. The only problem I can see is this – when did I write it – who is it about, if anybody as it is likely to be written about a character in the book as it is about a living human. I am willing to bet that I am able to sum it all but I am unwilling.

one hand moves swiftly against the other.
a final act of

– J.

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