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April 16, 2014

late night posting

by jhon baker

Lying in bed and finding typing difficult to do with any sense of rhythm.

I have Clifford Brown queued up on the iPod and Dawkins as my nighttime reading.

I type now, in the dark, by touch alone.

Medications have been taken and callouses removed, Ruger LC9 on the nightstand – I am naked ready for action.

My nails are long and the moon, nearly full, is no longer blood, calling for the end of times.

I rest easy – thinking long thoughts about David Ignatow, Russia, and the wars in general.  I am not a purveyor of the selfie or silly quizzes though I take them out of boredom. I am heavy bored because I lack inner resources. Thank you John Berryman.

My wife wears too many clothes.



March 3, 2010


by jhon baker

“Do not do the slightest thing
now that the wise would later censure.”
 – from the Sutta Nipata

This Buddhist teaching is probably the closest teaching to my heart. To me it says to look at each of our actions and consider all the ramifications of such.Even what seems to be positive assistance can be in retrospect quite nefarious without intention.
humm, I’ll have to think about this awhile again.

Written in 2008 and unfortunately still a timely comment.

meditation on war consciousness

It’s War,
Do you accept?
without question
what do you offer
your children

   do you accept
without agenda
offer prayers
market share
It’s War.

do you accept?
indispensable propaganda
it’s war,
do you accept.
without question
without agenda
this that we offer
can only be as now here
do you accept?

without question.

– I wrote this.

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March 1, 2010

Meditation on the death of a solider

by jhon baker

life ended abruptly by the
bullet of another’s weapon
paid for by a master neither
one of you has ever met
weapon that was cleaned
with as much care as yours
and placed firmly in hand by
another country such as yours
and without thought, fired to
bring ends to ideals and have
certain glory from gods or God
fired a bullet that ended it’s
own journey in your body
your body, which lies there
weapon in hand that surely would
have ended the bullets owner
if given the chance

this is the death that you have chosen

as if picked out from a catalog
listed under ‘means of dispatch’
and you nation mourns forgetting
your choice
never blaming the decisions
that placed you there
yours and your masters

but I am colder and I cheer
not at your death but
at the end you were able to choose
for yourself
I am not so lucky and
I will die unknowing from where
the bullets came

– I wrote this

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