I’m cutting filters in half

by jhon baker

I’m cutting filters in half

dreaming  of guilt, a world I don’t occupy

keeping two filled zippos out of a collection

32 gallons of paint and no will


and then she said

“me parece interesante

lo que haces donde vives”


precisamente esto,

de todos los momentos,

el mundo no es tan feo en la mañana.


– Hoc Scripsi

2 Comments to “I’m cutting filters in half”

  1. Nice one.
    That closing line is awesome in any language.

    • Thank you! I get nervous when composing in Spanish as I don’t speak it well – I read it fine most times and some of my favorite poets are Spanish speaking. This one was prompted by a conversation I was having on FB with a Spanish speaking fan. I did my best to hold up the conversation in Spanish and then thought it would make a good write, hopefully it worked on all levels and not just the final line.

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