The paint is dry…

by jhon baker

All figures were either originally drawn by my son or directed by him. He chose the colors, figures, and painted the banjo and trampoline – all  the hand prints are his as well. This was a fun project and one that he will get to enjoy as long as he needs a play room.

One photo of him for good measure.

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6 Comments to “The paint is dry…”

  1. This is so wonderful. I would have loved to have done something like this when my kids were little.
    Esp love the little men abseiling down the door frame

    • When I was young I always wanted a room like this – how could I deny the same for my expressive son? It’ll be hard to cover if we ever move but that has never stopped me before.

  2. Jhon,
    It’s absolutely remarkable!!!

  3. Wow! I love this! I also love that you gave him the freedom to do it. Good on you for that!

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