Garcia Lorca – post two for today

by jhon baker

– in dedication to M. Chadwick


but I loved you

before they filled you with stars

before they took you on a moonless night


but I loved you

even with dignity and sadness

and now longing nights free from hearts pang


but I loved you

in gypsy bars and back alleys

before poets were villains, while harmless


but I loved you

even when we roamed the streets

cracking fingers, drinking whiskey, before the dawn


but I loved you

I love you now, we sing you

on porches, in backyards, in cities across the world


– Hoc Scripsi

5 Comments to “Garcia Lorca – post two for today”

  1. Oh Jhon I don’t know which of the two I like more. This one makes me want to dance. I woke today with a strange sadness I couldn’t identity until I saw the date.

    You’ve done him well with both these pieces.

    I adore you.

  2. Okay now, I’ve learned two things today. I had to dig a little but now I know what Hoc Scripsi means.
    Beautifully written piece Jhon.

  3. Garcia Lorca is a major influence of mine – This is my sixth poem about him and the second that states it right off. The others is has to be found.

  4. Oh this is quite lovely.. i feel quite certain whne you finished writing this poem, he waved his hand and said “bravo”

  5. Thank you thank you thank you.

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