by jhon baker

We are brought to a lazy Sunday. Last night around two-thirty I drugged myself with the idea of unconsciousness – by three am it worked.

In dream the world was melting while I was watching from the side, as a wallflower in an oil painting awash in mineral spirits.

Today, we begin the final phase of painting my sons play room, nee my writing room. This will involve stick figures actual size if actual size were about four and a half tall. This will involve hand prints and foot steps up the wall. This will involve many brushes and five assorted colors all chosen by their individual brilliance which will be handy as they are being hand painted over a code red wall.

I am reminded by this process that I did go to an arts college. Majored in fine art and art history. I can paint and draw. it is just depending on the level of seriousness at which I lose myself and my mental capabilities.

I long for canvass again.

be one with caffeine and cigarettes. Love life love yer wife.

– me.

2 Comments to “Sunday”

  1. Sounds, like a fun project Jhon.

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