1936, a day that shall live on in infamy

by jhon baker

today, 75 years ago, the world screams long into the night as she loses one of her most powerful voices, one of her most enamored lovers.

today, 75 years ago, we lost to bullets our beloved Federico Garcia Lorca.

They disappeared you
on the 16th of Aug
and assassinated you on
a moonless night one or two days later.
in 1936
you had died for all time.
fifty years later a memorial was erected
on the spot where you were killed.
in recognition of your talent
in apology of your end.

and while you weep for Ignacio, our
flood of tears are for you.

– Hoc Scripsi

Garcia Lorca, I love you for all time.

3 Comments to “1936, a day that shall live on in infamy”

  1. I love learning new things. Thanks for sharing this as I had never heard of Garcia Lorca before. I just finished reading his bio on wiki and am interested in learning more!

  2. I have never heard of him..until now.. yes, a new poet to read..and he was executed?
    Love this line of his, ” I could just as well be a poet of sewing needles ..”.. i must know more about him..

    than you for the link my friend:-)

  3. Lorca is a major influence of mine and Micael – there isn’t another poet that lived the great life and died for his words by such a violent end. I think this was the last time that the power of a poet was realized and unfortunately Franco decided to eliminate this influence. I miss Lorca everyday of my life.
    Lynne, did you see the other post?

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