Post 400

by jhon baker

and my readership is at an all time low. I blame my choice of switching formats and web addresses.

I thought I would make an interesting post it being 400 and all but I am not feeling interesting today. This means plainly that you ought to read the previous posts, the ones that led to this moment in time, marked by a simple heading and celebrated by taking four kittens to the vet.


I have eleven years worth of poetry that has only ever been read by the recipient and never republished or even copied. This is a detour from my modis operandi which dictates that I keep a copy of everything unless it is crap and deserving only of trash heaps and recycling.

I think that after my death there may be a collection out there titled “love letters” – but it may be that they are always kept private. as it is they are not mine, I wrote them but K owns them, they are hers and only she can dictate their offering. It is my job to create the market for that particular collection before I die – as if I kicked it right now there wouldn’t be enough interest – save the few hundred that have purchased my initial offering.

Do all writers obsessively keep copies of everything? Once this would have been labor intensive but is now quite easily done with the technology that has erupted around us. Even in the age before the widespread use of computers many writers used carbon sheets as I am sure I would have done if in that age – now I use a copier that came attached to the printer which came attached to a fax and all together has the ability to scan things.

but all this is off subject – or I haven’t a subject. The kittens cost me nearly 500 today and we are giving up one of the seven cats that inhabit our household this evening. Over the next few weeks we will be two kittens short of our current count and can then start considering colleges as there are too many bodies occupying this house at the given moment.


I am gripped by my body’s sense of humor.

7 Comments to “Post 400”

  1. I was recently asked to write a book..about me and the different avenues I have traveled..from comical, to horrific to swinging in the breeze.. so far I have politely declined. some things are not meant to be shared.. now..

    as for your all time low readers, network my leave a footprint, they will follow and once they read your words, well like white on rice, they will be stuck.

  2. indeed…..ha.. go on big-boy, hike up your britches and let everyone know who Jhon Baker poet in town:-)

  3. It must have worked because you have one more follower. When I realised I had smiled through three posts, I subscribed. Thanks for visiting my place.


  4. It is good to be back here. I will not make a habit of neglect, especially if you occasionally visit my blog as you did yesterday, which was such a delight and reminded me how much I love your writing.

    Now. Have a good Sunday. And keep your cats; they need you!

  5. your a good man to take care of those feline. congrats on 400 posts

  6. Even though I can’t stop by as much as I used to, I still try to read everything you write. Like right now, I’m playing catch up. In my mind, there is a big audience out there for you, but like most good things, I guess you gotta seek it out. Your writing is too damn good to languish forever… Hang in there

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