illusions, delusions, allusions

by jhon baker

illusions of clowns, teeth bared and wickedly grinned.
delusions, grandiose and thinking that my lawn matters to more than the pope.
allusions to escapism outside Chicago, allusions of beauty before the morning, allusions of ballet toes bleeding from the rain.

high colored reality , divisions of flashing white porcelain against tile decadently scarred by misinforming vandals. embassies from god or the prince of Valiumed ladies distressing the floorboards of old missions;
I hang up the phone and turn to go outside for smoking, drinking coffee and dancing in the rain.

though I can no longer dance, everyday I think of the two-step.

stuck, inescapable nighttimedreaming and forcing awake a moment of clarity and pleasant cool air drafting in from racked open doors, the sound of small animals fleeting, the sound of disquiet under moonlight, and I am in underwear with uneven legs bare, uneven mind shifting under weight of trailing thought.

water bottle is empty.
medicine bottle is empty.

there is enough light to shadow.

freight train carrying boxes of cartoon imagination
sounds from one mile east, moving south south east
and into Chicago

dawn and I hear the first passenger cars slow to a halt but cannot discern the passengers boarding.

– Hoc Scripsi

7 Comments to “illusions, delusions, allusions”

  1. stunning, deep and thought provoking writing.

  2. Very melancholy to me…
    I like it a great deal.

  3. Wonderful I love it and I can see that train leaving the Chicago metro area for a place unknown…love the new love of your blog – so good to see and hear your words…bkm

  4. very well woven…the train of course is emotive for me growing up by the tracks…used to listen to them at night…

  5. can hear the trains rattle…my usual walking path goes by a railway line and this hums familiar..

  6. very evocative – love the ending

  7. That opening stanza(3 lines) is flat out marvelous.. while it sort of twists the tongue to read aloud, it tastes good..
    i wanna go on a train so I can have illusions , allusions, delusions..
    well done..

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