I didn’t mean to take a nap yesterday

by jhon baker

It’s god damned cold outside – or rather, in my garage where I am writing this at a little after one in the morning.  I can often be found out here in the wee hours of the morning when I can’t sleep, simply, I can smoke out here. I suppose I could in the house but I detest the smell over everything and care about the lungs of the members of my family.

I took two showers today for no other reason than it was the right thing to do.

I keep tinkering with a few lines and haven’t been able to decide what I want to do with them, maybe they are no good but I am attached to them these past few days.

there always is the undertow of violins, violas
played by the fingers of air

even around the smoothest of lakes
in the quietuses of night.

(hoc scripsi, unfinished)

It pleads for more but I can’t think of it. I like it enough that I don’t wish to regard it to the pile of unfinished and stuck poetry which is getting large. Going through today to organize last years efforts I couldn’t find my original typewritten copies of nearly everything I wrote last year – such distress! Nearly in a panic I located it filed about three files away from where it should have been – such relief!

BTW, now all of my past posts have been labeled and can be found in groups (where that applies) at the bottom of the page, at least until Rabbit redesigns everything and I no longer know where shit is around here, like when K cleans everything without my being around; I get lost.

I think I have decided to break up last years efforts into a few (read two) different chap books. So I am going to start the deal of submission and rejection and hopefully acceptance eventually. I like the idea of something smaller and cheaper that may be easier to digest. For the paper impaired (I’m looking at you Patrick) I will insist that they also be available in an e-reader format or just do it myself and split the proceeds with whoever publishes. Any Suggestions? I don’t expect that they’ll be available this year as I am still trying to place many of them in journals and online and they will need tinkering and such, but this is now in the thought process.

okay I am a bit scattered tonight and it’s taken me about an hour to write this and fuck around on the internet a bit (no porn though, don’t worry my love).

7 Comments to “I didn’t mean to take a nap yesterday”

  1. It is 5:31 here here and I type this on my bed. I know in roughly 2 hours I will be enroute to that place..with the gurgling noises and no- answers I want to hear. But I will go with a smile..

    Your words even written at 1am entertain the hell out of me.
    Thank you and yes, Chapbooks..

  2. Dearest Jhon, I've not been by for a while…sorry.

    I wish I could offer some words of comfort, to soothe and aid is repose, but alas I have none.

    I suggest you rethink the porn.


    – B x

  3. Man, now I'm going to have to buy original print Chapbooks, and a hardcover collector's edition after the fact. :p

  4. “the undertow of violins”

    It really does plead for more, doesn't it?

    I, too, reside in the garage for the same reasons. And for all it's cold, stark would-be unfriendliness, I have come to love it. To think another artist exists in the same spaces is comforting.

  5. i can see why it's hard to come up with something to go with those lines. the seem to be describing something profoundly intense, and you wouldn't want to belittle them by attaching them to something less intense than what they're there for. at least, if they were my lines, that's why they'd still be in my wallet on the back of a receipt.

  6. Porn is vastly overrated in my opinion and easily circumventable in need by simply undressing my love while she sleeps – in addition, this is my preference.

  7. The garage was a popular place late last night. I was in mine also. I couldn't sleep, couldn't focus enough to write anything, so off to the garage to work on my old ford pick up. Didn't do crap to it either…

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