the 1st, after bed and now, against my will, awake

by jhon baker

holy shit – it’s Saturday. I truly believed it was Monday and I was prepared to go to the doctors. got my coat, hat and new gloves – poured a to-go cup of joe and hugged my son goodbye – then my wife asked where I was going.
okay, she laughs beautifully, even when it is at my expense. I love her laugh so I can’t be mad, only confused. Also a little peeved as the appointment was the only reason I got out of bed at all.

The great advantage of using cell phones is that I can turn it off when I want to not be bothered. The unfortunate side of that is I forget I shut it off or I just allow it to wane its battery until death and forget all about the fact that I have the bugger. It never occurs to me that no one calls, it never occurs to me that I should call other people.

I’ll never forget the furling flags
above fire escapes
outside the walk-ups
     of downtown Chicago

5 Comments to “the 1st, after bed and now, against my will, awake”

  1. I like having a cell phone, but I really don't like talking on it at all. If I have an appointment, I tell my wife and then it's her job to remind me! She doesn't always do so…

  2. ha ha… Hey I am laughing beautifully as well OK?
    shame you could not sleep this Saturday, for sure you will tonight.
    As for the cell, it's great you don't need to use it, that means you are freer to rest… on the bad side, those who want to talk to you, will have to wait until you become… more seriuos about it…

  3. My wife has to keep all my appointments straight too. I've lived this same exact experience.
    I miss you my friend, and I'm excited to get our families together for a short evening of fun. Keep me posted on your schedule and we'll make it work. 😉

  4. cell phone living with them and without them –they take on a life of there own like a relationship that we need to get away from, a relationship we mourn when it dies….fun read…Happy New Year…bkm

  5. I'm a cell phone/Blackberry fiend… It's my crutch/clock/alarm clock/mp3 player/movie thingee …

    Funny one, tho, Jhon …

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