Mad Swirl

by jhon baker


Mad Swirl

for this weekends poem!


6 Comments to “Mad Swirl”

  1. Ha!! They posted my poem a few weeks ago.. are you there my good sir? Tres cool….

  2. I just read it.
    Are you kidding me?
    We may have been traveling a semi-parralel path throught our childhoods…

    Oh yeah, the poem was brilliant…

  3. stupendous poem, Jhon… masterful.

  4. Oh Jhon..that is a wonderful poem..another great write..I literally could see that boy…

  5. I sometimes wonder (when I write poetry like this) if I am a vessel for these words or am I the creator of them. Either way I am pleased that it came through the hammer stroke of my typewriter.

  6. An interesting question. Do u know if anyone has ever answered it with some authority? I think it is a combination of both.

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