RoadKill zen Journal

by jhon baker

The RoadKill zen Journal still has the issue up which contains the poem Togethercoloured.

Theater Underground has stated that they are going to be putting up accepted poem number two soon. I will make you aware.
Theater Underground and I were in talks for me to perform a reading during the intermission to their upcoming (this weekend, next weekend). I had thought everything was a go but have not heard from them since I last did when things were undecided. Well, it’s opening night, I’ve kicked Narcotics or I am kicking them so there are now pain and withdraw issues to contend with and of course, it is too late for me to get ready for such a thing; even if they were going to ask which it is now painfully obvious that they in fact are not.

those be the noonish updates today, do not expect these everyday. Today I wanted to bring attention to RKzJ and to this: I hate when a submission goes out and there is no response. I hate it when people believe it is better to ignore an issue than deal with the problem.
here’s what it looks like when I write the poison pen letters.

both of them are loaded.

3 Comments to “RoadKill zen Journal”

  1. If you want advice on withdrawal and how to assuage the symptoms, lemme know, Kiddo. Best to you – sincerely.

  2. I wish it were new to me and I needed the advice. It's not. I have had to kick narcs three times in the last four years and now at the fourth, it is even. I was really into drugs as a teen and in early twenties and always cold turkey, this is the only way to remember to stay away from it for awhile, script or not.
    Thank you so much though, it is strange to be called 'kiddo' –
    thank you Annie, – Jhon

  3. take care of yourself…always

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