As a reminder

by jhon baker

Yesterdays poem or entry, what have you was this link – Click here now –  and I hope that everyone has had a chance to read it. I’ll repost it here once it is no longer new on the Rejection Digest page, But anyway, here is one aptly titled ‘poem’.
so, there you are.


There’s a sense of length
that comes with every job;
          (they tell me I’m crazy, that
          I have no ethnicity;
          I long to be Jewish or Black
          knowing the absurdity of it,
          like when you pretend I can hear
          you when you stand that far away.
          I’m all right with that.
          I’m all right with my overwhelming
          Caucasian complexion from the
          Welsh/French heredity.
          I’m all right with being crazy
          and having no ethnicity if that’s
          where it is)
the job pays enough and has no sense of
balance. The other parts of life suffer.
Lunch is still an important meal
and I have no qualms with it.

– I wrote this

I’d type more but cannot use my index finger so typing is off a bit and more difficult than longhand for me, which, while not being legible will have to do for now.

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